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Hi, i’m Elizabeth Becke

I started in photography after graduating in art history, these studies help me to create a style of my own and to understand photography from the point of view not properly technical but within the artistic and social context in which we live. I studied photography, ‚Äč‚Äčcompleting these studies with monographic courses and workshops related to art, photography, creation and aesthetics. I taught as a photography teacher for five years. Currently, I work in my own studio, and I am especially interested in portraiture and social reporting. I alternate my own commercial work with more personal exhibitions of work. Today, with digital technology, I have seen expanded my creative efforts, continually seeking a balance between technology, creativity, design and sensitivity.

I like to watch, to observe and to steal instants of the life and the photography allows me to concrete these moments in objects of emotion. I enjoy the people who offer me their look, their most intimate experiences and their gestures and I try to offer emotion with images that build stories and murmur feelings. With my photos, I want to stop living in an instant and create images to remember. For me, the portrait is a game between the portrayed and the portraitist: you bring me things, and I pick them up; Is a true dialogue and a visual confidence that we share. I thank you for all these looks that you have insinuated me, for the beauty you have suggested and for all those moments of illusion that are to come. Today, my objective continues to be to listen with the look and to see, in the silence of an image, histories of life.