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Remodeling Tips for Bathroom

Remodeling Tips for Bathroom
If people were asked which part of the house that they want to remodel the most, the number one possible answer is bathrooms. It even beats kitchens. One of the reasons why bathrooms frequently get more remodelling than kitchen is just because the room is small and usually you will spend less money for the bathroom renovation project compared to renovating kitchen project.

The following are some basic remodelling tips that will help you with your remodelling:

  • Recess it – For older looks, pick built-ins like recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, or even toilet roll holders.
  • Flooring – Wood floors are not suggested type of flooring for bathrooms, from a practical point of view, but they add great character to the floor. The wood floors that are sealed and coloured are sturdy enough for normal bathroom usage.
  • Sizing with Color – Be sure that the palette of the colours you choose stays in the white to a cream colour range to make small-sized bathroom looks bigger.
  • Think about lighting – It is quite incongruous that in a room where people usually need to observe their hair and face visually, lighting is usually not too bright and focused only on one point, that is, from the ceiling lights. At least provide additional lighting near the bathroom mirror in the form of sconces.
  • Colour and Fixtures – For fixtures, use white or cream colour (for example, showers and toilets) because coloured fixtures have the tendency to look very outdated after several years old. And although it is possible to change the toilet with only a little effort, you will have some issues related to cost and a great deal of demolition for changing a shower or bathtub.
  • Dim Lighting for mood – A dimmer switcher is a very simple appliance that can add mood to your bathroom. The dimmer switch is ideal for the bathroom at night to relax.
  • Additional parts – If there is enough space, a lot of home decorators suggested to have a separate part of decorative seats or cabinet as a design element. To counterbalance for that space, you could recess other practical items like a close basket or just move the basket to other rooms. This “decorative” item, surely, can also function a practical use as a spot to put towels, soap or other small objects.
  • Other Places to Hang Things – The simplest way to add “surface area” to the bath without really adding real countertop surface area is hooks. The hooks can be used for every single thing starting from bathrobes and towels.
  • Position of the toilet – Feng Shui Tip: never place a toilet in the position facing the door. Although I have not yet found this ever to become an issue, I frequently hear experts suggest that the toilet is situated ninety degrees to the door, or at the minimum a few feet away from the door.
  • Mirror – Almost all people think of a purpose of a mirror in the bathroom is only for dressing up or fixing the hair. But it is also necessary to consider a mirror in the bathroom as a design element that extends the space visually and give more light to the room. Many house owners want to add a second mirror, apart from the main one situated above the bathroom sink.
  • Beautification and Wall Protection – beadboard has two magnificent functions. First, it gives an antique appearance, and it is very easy to install. Secondly, beadboard serves a valuable function to protect the bottom part of the walls of the unavoidable splashes of water that happens in bathrooms for the shower or tub. A great coat of paint based on oil makes sure that the beadboard will be practically unaffected by humid.
  • Hazardous material – Older houses in Australia usually contain dangerous material like asbestos. Any remodelling work usually includes cutting, scraping or demolishing things, so it can be harmful because the hazardous material can pose a serious health risk. It is recommended to asbestos testing or asbestos removal before remodelling project.
  • Think about All Options – if you cannot find vanities and tops in famous stores, try to search for local suppliers around your area. Look for the suppliers specialising in natural stone because usually, they have a wide choice of tops in various colours and sizes. You might be surprised at how economical the tops can be.

Try online shop for a change. You can browse for some marble top, vanity, framed mirrors or under mount sink on an online shop. Check out the pictures that have written description. Observe all the items carefully. You never know that you might save a few hundred dollars compared to buying in famous stores. The items can be quite attractive and have top quality.

Remodeling can be either costly or cheap; it all depends on you. Preparation is the main key to the success of remodelling. You can avoid spending some money on the items that in the end, you find it unusable by planning it previously.

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